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Ngarra-Burria Showreel 2022

Why new music?
Sizzle | Beat 2022 Showreel
Sticky Notes 2022 Showreel
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-barra 2022 Showreel
Hatched Summer School 2021 Showreel
2022 Season: Verve, Vigour, Vitality
Sonic Sites Bundanon Showreel
The Surge 2021 Showreel
Sizzle Festival 2021 Showreel
Solomon Frank – Human Music (3018-2021)
Backstage Music: Gender Equity Panel
Musical Microparks 2021 Showreel
Kontiki Racket 2019 Showreel
Kaija Saariaho: Sept Papillons (Lone Hemispheres 2020)
The Secret Noise Preview
Andrew Ford: Hook (Lone Hemispheres 2020)
Replica Garden by Bree van Reyk (2020)
Xenakis Polytopes de Launceston (MOFO Showreel 2019)
Ross Edwards: More Marimba Dances


Women of Note Vol. 4 (2022)
Women of Note Vol. 4 (2022) 2022

ABC Classic’s Women of Note albums celebrates Australian composers and their music. Released to coincide with International Women’s Day (8 March), this album begins and ends with works by Indigenous composers that focus on the importance of connection, communication and deep listening.

Pendulum (2022)
Pendulum (2022) 2022

Recognised as one of Australia’s finest and most innovative composers, Mary Finsterer brings together medieval and renaissance musical practice with 20th and 21st century innovations. This collection of Finsterer’s recent works offers a series of atmospheric and evocative musical impressions, many of them recorded here for the first time.

Rama (2021)
Rama (2021) 2022

The new single from composer Matthew Whiteside, recorded by Ensemble Offspring. The composer writes, “The name Rama is a reference to Arthur C. Clarke’s book Rendezvous with Rama. I always struggle with naming pieces but this reference floated into my head toward the end of the composition process and it seemed to fit the form …

Rhythms of Change (2021)
Rhythms of Change (2021) 2021

Introduction written by Claire Edwardes: Rhythms of Change sees the creation of important new works for solo percussion by female identifying Australian composers, directly addressing gender equity in classical music programming now and into the future. The project was triggered by the realisation that the majority of the pieces that I had been performing throughout …

Uncovered Ground (2021)
Uncovered Ground (2021) 2021

This first-ever collection of concert works by Felicity Wilcox represents the cream of her recent chamber music compositions, including her celebrated bass clarinet work composed for Jason Noble, ‘People of this Place’, alongside works commissioned by Ensemble Offspring, Ironwood and the Australia Ensemble, as well as a movement from Wilcox’s first string quartet.

Offspring Bites 3: En Masse (2021)
Offspring Bites 3: En Masse (2021) 2021

Offspring Bites celebrates the most stunning chamber works commissioned by Ensemble Offspring through our Noisy Egg Creation Fund, recording them for release and pairing them with bespoke visual content. Offspring Bites 3: En Masse features works by Australian composers Alex Pozniak, Holly Harrison and Thomas Meadowcroft.

Offspring for All is Ensemble Offspring’s digital concert initiative, bringing several of our highlight concerts each year to audiences around Australia and the world. At Ensemble Offspring we believe it is really important in these COVID times to share our art with those who are unable to attend our concerts in person, and we are passionate about delivering the very best of living Australian music to people in their homes. Offspring for All accompanies our broad range of concert, workshop and development programs that nurture and showcase the very best of Australian performing artists and composers.

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