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Songbirds (2018-present)
Songbirds (2018-present)

Also known as Birdsong at Dusk, Songbirds is Ensemble Offspring’s ongoing touring project featuring a trio line up of flutes, clarinets and percussion, inspired by the sounds of the Australian bush. In 2020 ABC Classic released Songbirds digitally and a limited print run was also produced. Ensemble Offspring has presented a range of the new works from the project as part of Sydney Festival 2019 Salon Series, at the Sound Lounge…

Bilby’s Bluegum Melodies (2018/2019)
Bilby’s Bluegum Melodies (2018/2019)

Inspired by Australian bush classics such as The Magic Pudding, Blinky Bill and The Muddleheaded Wombat, Ensemble Offspring, Sydney’s favourite musical mavericks, take toddlers and their families on a journey to experience the wonderment of chamber music for the first time. Featuring old-fashioned colonial folk tunes, sounds of the Australian bush, instrumental demonstrations, hands on percussion fun and music by much loved Australian composers.

Polytopes (2019)
Polytopes (2019)

Polytopes is interactive lasers, electronics and amplified percussion inspired by the late great Iannis Xenakis. Large-scale architectural environments combining sound, light and colour featuring laser artist and composer Robin Fox and new music mavericks Ensemble Offspring. Comprising reworkings of Greek composer Iannis Xenakis’ landmark, yet little known Polytopes alongside Rebonds, Okho and Komboi plus eventually a new commission by Robin Fox himself.



EO members and friends share their memories
EO members and friends share their memories Jul 2020

If you’ve been following our socials, you would have seen some nostalgic videos popping up…

Results Announced for Hatched Home Academy & Commission
Results Announced for Hatched Home Academy & Commission Jul 2020

We announce the results of our 2020 Hatched Home Academy & Commission call-out.

A Death Knell for Australian Arts and Culture?
A Death Knell for Australian Arts and Culture? Jun 2020

Claire Edwardes, Artistic Director of Ensemble Offspring, weighs in on funding cuts…

EO Covid-19 June -Dec Season Update
EO Covid-19 June -Dec Season Update Jun 2020

An update from Ensemble Offspring on our Covid-19 response…